About Our Firm

Laurel Lynn Scott has built a solid reputation in the industry as “The Retirement Planning Specialist that Listens!” America is getting older and with age comes complicated laws and requirements for every person to understand in order to insure and protect their future. Unfortunately the laws and requirements ARE very complicated.  In order to safely plan for future protection, it’s important to have a specialist to help you through this confusing maze.   

So many professional advisors today fail to take the time to listen to their customer’s needs.  Every person today has different life situations, retirement needs and retirement goals.  So her firm makes a special effort to listen, understand and custom design retirement plans and strategies to help you achieve financial peace of mind.

Smarter Retirement Benefits is specifically designed to assist deserving families in taking charge of their finances.  Initially working exclusively in the Senior Market for both Medicare and Financial Planning, the firm has expanded its area of expertise to include the specific needs of Federal Employees along with Pre-retirees because of their unique planning and sometimes complex financial picture.

Having the right retirement planning strategy in place is critical for everyone - but may be especially more challenging for those who are single.  If you're in a one income household, you know what it takes to "make it" financially.  You know you have to be smart.  You have to plan.  You can't afford to make a mistake!

Laurel Lynn has built a solid reputation in the industry as “the retirement planning specialist that listens!”  In order to safely plan for future protection, it’s important to have a professional/specialist to help you through this confusing maze.  Laurel Lynn is that unique specialist.

Laurel Lynn has lived in the Phoenix area for over 26 years.  During her spare time, she enjoys nature and the outdoors, biking, hiking, cultural events, and volunteering in the local community. 

As a leading financial services firm in Arizona, we are proud to have partnered with a team of top professionals along with the industry’s leading companies and financial institutions to provide competitive products and top-notch service to our clients.

The goal is simple—helping clients make smart choices about their money and to feel confident about their decisions and financial future.